About Us

Who We Are

All About You Healthcare Advocates is a non-profit organization that provides healthcare advocacy, health screenings, and health education in New Jersey. The organization is committed to bridging the gaps that hinder low-income, uninsured, and underinsured individuals in Black and Brown communities from receiving quality healthcare services and community resources. By advocating for health equity and wellness and improving health literacy, the organization strives to empower its community members to achieve their healthcare goals and improve their quality of life.
We provide direct healthcare services and health screenings aimed at identifying our community members’ healthcare needs and the barriers that can prevent them from accessing healthcare services.
Our experienced healthcare professionals understand how difficult it can be to navigate through the complex healthcare arena. That is why we are enthusiastic about helping those we serve see their way through. We believe that by putting our clients in the front seat, they can articulate what matters to them most about their health and make wise decisions that will improve their physical well-being.
Our organizational structure provides essential services that enable our target population to receive healthcare exams and screenings that promote good health and wellness before an individual becomes acutely ill. Our direct approach highlights our commitment to initiative-taking healthcare for the underserved and mitigates the financial burden of healthcare costs on families and the healthcare system. We tailor our services to assist adults aged eighteen and above who encounter obstacles in accessing the healthcare system.

Mission Statement/Vision

All About You Healthcare Advocates is committed to providing accessible healthcare services to community members, empowering them to achieve their healthcare goals and enhance their quality of life. We aim to improve health equity and foster health literacy in our communities by bridging gaps that hinder individuals in underserved communities from accessing vital healthcare services and community resources.
We believe that it is fundamental for those we serve to voice their healthcare concerns and needs and understand their options. We are committed to humbly serving our communities and responsibly managing the resources entrusted to our organization.
Our vision is to ensure that everyone, regardless of their ethnic background, gender, demographic location, or income, has access to quality and affordable healthcare.
All About You Healthcare Advocates strives to serve our clients’ healthcare needs by connecting them with our highly qualified, committed healthcare professionals and staff members who will advocate on their behalf. We seek to educate our clients about health and wellness and to help them gain a better understanding about their health and physical well-being. It is our top priority to help our clients by bridging any gaps that may exist with their treating provider(s) and available healthcare resources afforded to them, thereby ensuring that our clients and their families receive high quality healthcare and services.
We believe that it is essential that our clients have a voice when it comes to their healthcare concerns, needs and options. It is our passion to humbly serve anyone seeking our services, especially those with limited access to healthcare and educational resources. We are committed to making a difference in our communities, by providing excellent and compassionate services and being good stewards of the resources given to our organization.

Goals of Organization

Our organization seeks to improve Health Equity by dismantling the barriers that hinder access to primary and preventative healthcare services and resources in underserved communities. We strive to ensure that individuals with limited resources and lack of health literacy receive quality healthcare services.

Our primary goal is to provide essential health services that enable our target population to receive healthcare exams and vital health screenings. We aim to assess whether an individual has an acute or untreated chronic medical condition and identify the barriers our community members face when accessing primary medical care and preventive healthcare services.

We also strive to expand our network of community health partners and healthcare providers who share our goals. By doing so, we can serve a larger population and increase access to vital healthcare services, which can help prevent delays in treatments and optimize the health and quality of life for hundreds of individuals and their families.
Additionally, we aim to reduce the negative stigma surrounding healthcare in our communities by promoting positive health outcomes and minimizing the unnecessary use of healthcare resources.

All About You Healthcare Advocates (AAU) will provide health care advocacy consultation services to individuals in the state of New Jersey. Our experienced healthcare professionals will offer our clients one-on-one assistance, will assess our clients’ needs, and address any concerns our clients may have as it pertains to their physical health and well-being. We will review our clients’ treatment plan of care set-forth by their healthcare provider(s), or lack thereof.

Our primary goal is to ensure that our clients receive quality healthcare services by bridging any gaps that may exist between our clients and their healthcare provider(s). Our team of experienced healthcare professionals understand how difficult it can be for one to navigate through a very complex healthcare arena; whether you have an acute illness, a chronic medical condition, or you are just simply trying to keep up with your routine care appointment(s) and medication(s), we are dedicated to help you see your way through!

We believe in a “goal-oriented” approach, that sets the stage for our clients (putting them in the front-seat), to be able to articulate what matters to them the most about their health. We seek to empower them to make wise decisions that will ultimately improve our clients’ health and well-being, to improve the negative stigma that can be associated with healthcare and decrease the cost of the unnecessary use of resources.
Our “teamwork-approach” will allow us to work with our clients and collaborate with their healthcare provider(s), thereby bridging any gaps in miscommunication, striving for optimal treatment outcomes and preventing any delays in treatment.

We seek to help underserved individuals in our communities with limited access to healthcare and healthcare resources; those without healthcare insurance or have minimum healthcare insurance benefits and individuals who may have a lack of understanding on how the healthcare system operates. We will strive to provide our services to anyone seeking our assistance 18 years of age or older at no cost.

What People Say

If we did not have you to advocate for my husband’s health plan, explain the medical procedures ordered, interpret test results and call for moral support I know that his care and recovery would have been much more difficult.

Your advocacy, support and knowledge was priceless and assured us when we were so unsure that we were making good medical decisions. The medical staff, without a doubt, did treat us differently when you conferenced with them on our behalf. You were able to articulate with confidence what was expected and as a result my husband got better care and attention. We are eternally grateful for the support, time and love you poured into us. It gave my husband the strength and confidence to get well. My prayers are that every patient and family would have a Tanesha to support and advocate for them when dealing with the healthcare system.

Love and blessings,

Bridget B

Tanesha loves to help people and cares about meeting their needs. Her healthcare expertise helped me to better understand what to expect during my time in the hospital. She helped ease my worries when I felt that I was being discharged too soon. I am truly grateful for the services All About You provided!

Thank you!

Patricia W