Some of our Patient’s Advocates are licensed Medical Professionals, however we are not permitted to give medical advice, offer treatment options, or provide you or your family members with personal medical care. Our role and primary goals are to help you and/or your family member(s) understand your illness, find the appropriate care (when needed), and to coordinate that care so that you receive the best, quality medical care and resources possible. The type of services we offered are within the scope of our Client Advocacy Program (CAP) as outlined on our website and in our client agreement form.
No. Some of our licensed medical professionals may hold positions at hospitals or in other healthcare settings, however, our organization, All About You Healthcare Advocates Inc., does not have any personal affiliations with any hospitals or insurance companies. We work exclusively for the clients we serve! IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU! We do not practice medical paternalism. We use a goal-oriented approach to ensure that our services are centered around YOUR needs, concerns, and goals for your health and well-being.
No. We coordinate your care and may help guide you through the whole process, but only you can decide what is best for your health. We help you to make the best-informed decisions possible that best suit YOUR needs for your health and well-being.
We are based in the State of New Jersey and primarily offer our services to residents living in New Jersey. We do receive out of state request from clients’ family members living in other States (Nationwide) seeking our services for their loved who resides in New Jersey. We can deliver our services via conference calls and face-to-face video chat meetings in collaboration with our clients, their family member(s) or caretakers and healthcare clinicians.
No. All About You Healthcare Advocates is a nonprofit organization and rely solely on donations and grant funding to be able to offer our services currently at no cost for our clients. All About You Healthcare Advocates reserves the rights to change our terms and conditions for fees and services provided at any given time.

We provide services for individuals 18 years of age and older.