Roy Salvesen

Board Member - Vice President
All About You Healthcare Advocates

“Results-driven” and “advocate for success” are just two of the phrases most often used to describe Roy Salvesen. As a member of the Board of Directors and Vice President of All About You Healthcare Advocates, Roy brings the highest level of excellence and performance standards to this dynamic organization. He ensures that every aspect of a process or situation is done with excellence in mind. Roy is not only a driver of success but an advocate for others, inspiring them to rise higher and do better in every endeavor. He is a natural leader, coach, and mentor, making him a true asset to the organization.

Roy is a native of New York City and a longtime resident of New Jersey. He was raised in an environment that emphasized excellence, strong character values, and impeccable integrity. Roy worked during his teenage years in construction where he learned practical hands on skills that have continued to serve him well. While working in healthcare Roy earned his Bachelor’s Degree at San Diego State University and his MBA in Finance at University of San Diego. Roy served in healthcare administration with several hospitals, including Alvarado Hospital Medical Center where he was the controller. These experiences challenged him to take on the toughest roles and strive to be the best.

From a very young age he was fascinated with aviation and dreamed of a future in the cockpit. Ultimately Roy left healthcare administration after a decade of service to pursue his passion for aviation. This dream took time. He attended flight school in Dallas and took on his first role as a pilot with Continental Express. Roy excelled in his new role and pursued his career in aviation moving to Continental and ultimately, through a merger, with United Airlines. Today after a distinguished career spanning three decades and experience on a global scale, Roy continues his career in aviation as a leader and mentor in a challenging industry.

In each career path Roy has been grounded in hard work and excellence. He continues to inspire and mentor others to greater achievement and devotes himself to seeing them succeed. Roy is the loving and devoted father to a son and a daughter both of whom are currently pursuing careers in healthcare as medical doctors. Roy devotes his free time to being the best father and encouraging others to excel.